Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Erica!

   I'm very happy to welcome our female vocalist Erica Scalmato Bodaford! Both of us were fired from Delorean Dust Covers! I was because I was opposed to playing "Soul Man" and Van Morrison songs in what I was led to believe was an 80's band, but I'm not sure about Erica. But I do know it's their loss and our gain! I also know it had nothing to do with her singing, because she's really good! I know it also wasn't her personality or stage presence because those are also great! I suspect it's because they want to move into more manly man music.
  They never gave Erica (or me) enough to do, and I always thought that was dumb. She'll definitely be busy in this band!
  I'm glad that Delorean was foolish enough to let her go, because she's going to be just right for us and definitely add to the "fun" goal of this band. AWESOME!!

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