Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome Phill Price!!

2 days on Craigslist and this blog, and we've found a great keyboardist!
I'm very happy to announce Phill Price's entry into the band. He has an amazing amount of talent and experience, and will probably be "first chair" keyboards while I take the easy stuff and maybe the key bass. We'll see.
This is a huge boon for the band, so I'm totally psyched!
Phill has played in a very eclectic range of bands, including a very successful-looking (hey - they play casinos!) 80's cover band in PA, where he's moving from. We'll definitely be hard-pressed to "compete" with them, but they seem to be full-timers.
Anyway, I believe Phill will bring a lot to this band as well, and I hope it will further encourage the rest of you reading to join!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Join The Pongs!!!

If you're reading this, you're aware that I'm starting a band named "The Pongs".
This will be a dance band playing fun music from the New Wave era of the early 80's.
The goal of the band will be to play local clubs and events around town, doing the usual 4 sets of 11 songs. The two guiding principles are Fun and Dancing. This will be a "hobbyist" band for people with day jobs. One or maybe two practices a week at my house, and no late weeknights. If everyone is up for it, maybe we can play a show or two out of town, but that's a talk for another day.
I'm Mike Gargiulo, a 41 year old professor of animation at SCAD. I'll be on keyboards and backup vocals. I can play a little guitar and maybe sing lead here and there, but there are more talented "front men" out there. I've been in many bands and I have good ideas about what works and doesn't. I'm a responsible, friendly, easy going guy, and hoping to find folks who are similar. Mostly I just love playing live music!
My vision for the lineup is:
Male Vocal
Female Vocal
Additional Keyboards (in addition to me)
Bass will be played by the keyboardists, and drums by machine.
(Even better if some of those slots are combined into one person!)
Why drums by machine? Simply because there's less to lug around, and we'd be able to practice in my living room without the neighbors calling the cops! Also we can use a much cheaper PA and play smaller clubs. It also helps to have fewer people to coordinate schedules and personalities with. Besides, drum machines were heavily used in the 80's. Similar reasons for lack of bass - unless the bassist is also an awesome lead singer!
The Grooveshark gadget on this blog lists the 100 plus songs I've chosen from which we the band members can pick 44. (4 sets of 11 songs.) Most should be familiar, and all (I hope) fit in the same genre. I want the band to be very specifically focused on just the New Wave genre. I tried to avoid some of the overdone cliche songs where possible. 2 songs that I couldn't find on Grooveshark were: "Never Say Never" by Romeovoid and "In Your Eyes" by P. Gabriel. (WTF?)
Here are the Youtube links:
If you are interested in joining, please email me at or call 214-681-7570!
We can even arrange to hold auditions online!
Thanks for reading!