Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome Phill Price!!

2 days on Craigslist and this blog, and we've found a great keyboardist!
I'm very happy to announce Phill Price's entry into the band. He has an amazing amount of talent and experience, and will probably be "first chair" keyboards while I take the easy stuff and maybe the key bass. We'll see.
This is a huge boon for the band, so I'm totally psyched!
Phill has played in a very eclectic range of bands, including a very successful-looking (hey - they play casinos!) 80's cover band in PA, where he's moving from. We'll definitely be hard-pressed to "compete" with them, but they seem to be full-timers.
Anyway, I believe Phill will bring a lot to this band as well, and I hope it will further encourage the rest of you reading to join!

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